Sanctuary Renewal

Sanctuary renewal is a project proposed and led by Reverend Louise Mattay.

The vision to renew the sanctuary furniture in the Leura Uniting Church embraces the wisdom of our church leaders and brings to each member of our congregation the opportunity to renew their own understanding of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church within which we are defined by our founding document, the Basis of Union.

Update 1st May 2015

All of the new Sanctuary furniture is in place. (see the photograph below.
It makes a splendid and holy place in which to worship God.

Leura Uniting Church Sanctuary 2a

Update 15th August 2014

The baptismal bowl and stand are installed and consecrated.
The new lectern and lectern-pulpit are on the way.
As a result, the current pulpit is looking for a new home.  There is a picture of the current pulpit below.  The pulpit has found a new home.


Update 13th March 2014

At the Church Council meeting on 24 February, ’14 a motion was passed accepting the new Communion table.  The minutes record that:

“People shared their views at the Congregational meeting yesterday. This was the most ‘harmonious’ meeting ever! After much discussion a show of hands indicated that the majority (23 to 3) liked the new table.

In response to the overwhelming response we discern the Spirit is moving us in this direction and look forward to the continuing sense of God’s movement among us as we consider our worshipping life.”

 baptismal bowl 13mar14

 This beautiful bowl has been made by Andrew Baldwin, an Adelaide glass blower.
It is 40 cms in diameter and 15cms deep.
A similar one, in clear glass, has been ordered for our new font. A base will be designed by Darren Oates, who made the Communion table.


Update 28th February 2014
The Church Council accepts the gift of the communion table, and would like to proceed with designs for a baptismal font, consisting of a bowl and stand.
The following pictures are examples.
Comments are welcome to all who have a login for the LUC webpage; if you do not have a login, please email Louise  and ask for a login.

The first is in the Darwin Anglican cathedral.
The base is filled with lead shot to stabilise the base.

Darwin Baptimsal bowl stand pitcher

The following is a possible shape for our bowl (not the stand).  A wooden stand similar to the one in Darwin (Above) would be made.  There would probably be no pitcher.
proposed bowl shape


Notice of Meeting
Sunday 23rd February 2014 after Church (about 10.30)

Sanctuary Furniture.

As you may know, some weeks ago, on a trial basis, a new communion table was placed in our sanctuary for the congregation to consider. Reaction has been mixed – some people like the new table, others still prefer the old communion table, others would prefer a different style if a change is to be made.

There will be a time of discussion in regard to sanctuary furniture, after morning tea on Sunday 23 February. This will be a time for each of us to share our views and ideas only.

Note: There will not be any decisions made at this time!

Delivery of table to LUC, January 2014
The table was delivered so the congregation could consider its suitability.

Sanctuary table



Update 21st November, 2013

These are pictures of a table made by Darren Oates, fine furniture maker in Grosevale.  A similar one has been ordered which may serve as a Communion Table for Leura.

The Congregation will have the opportunity to decide whether or not they wish to accept this gift for this purpose.

Darren Oates table

Table from Darrens website

Update 4th July, 2013.

Church Council has agreed that  the arrangement of the church pews will be discussed at the next Worship Group meeting.

Rethinking the Sanctuary

The meeting on Saturday 1st June 2013 with Sr. Jill O’Brien, of the Good Samaritan Order, concerning the renewal of the sanctuary proved to be a very enlightening and exciting time.  Discussion was lively, the vibes friendly, and ideas blew refreshingly.

The conversation was wide ranging, but with an emphasis on the three symbols of our faith:  the communion table, the preaching of the Word and the baptismal font, and the importance and placement of these in the sanctuary.

We were reminded that it is the water in the font which is symbolic. Does a font without water have meaning?

Sacred space.  What is it?  Is the sanctuary only sacred when church services are held in it?

Initially we could experiment with different arrangements of the pews and furniture according to their importance, and the place where musicians could gather, children could be accommodated.

The connection between the beauty and quality of items such as the lectern and the communion table and their capacity to hold the deep meanings of the faith

I was left with the impression that our church gathered on the corner of Grose and Megalong Streets had started the ball rolling along a path towards rethinking, reshaping and reinspiring the vital, central actions of our congregation’s worshipping life.  It is now up to us to run with it.

Gwen Wilson  6th June, 2013




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