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Sunday: 9.30am

Taize:  Third Sunday of the month 5pm

Thursday Reflections: Each Thursday 11.30am


Please Note:  Some of the Services and Activities have associated web pages.  They are listed in the Section ‘Current Activities’ below, after the section ‘Reflection on this week’s Bible readings’.

NB. Due to lockdown, no face to face activities are happening.

Leura Weekly Bulletin

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No activities  till  after lockdown
some activities via the internet.

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The Uniting Church Synod of NSW and ACT has put out a list of churches who provide online worship services on a Sunday.
As well as reading our Leura services you might like to look at one of the “live” services on line.Just click on the link below.

A list of Leura Activities for 2020 are at the bottom of the page.

Pentecost 9                 25 July, ’21              John 6:1-21

                        The Use and Abuse of Power

The texts this week offer two strands for reflection. One draws parallels between Elisha and Jesus. Frequently the Gospel writers draw comparisons between Jesus and prophets in Israel to demonstrate that Jesus was a prophet sent by God. After healing the sick raising the dead feeding the very large crowd, they wanted to make Jesus king. Rather than seek fame and fortune to be a popular King, Jesus withdrew to the mountain.

We have another story that I think is one of the most compelling stories of the Hebrew scriptures. The story of David and Bathsheba, a story of the abuse of power. It has all the hallmarks of the way sexual assault, predominantly by males. occurs within relationships and institutions such as church, government, political, legal and all the foundational structures of our society.

David as King saw and summoned Bathsheba to come to him. As his subject and as a female she had no rights to refuse David’s demands for a sexual relationship. It was not adultery. There could not be consent. It was nonconsensual sex. There is no indication of force, but it was akin to rape. Then an attempt to manipulate Joab to a lusty R & R break from war and Bathsheba’s pregnancy explained. Joab remained faithful to his position and his men. Having failed David orchestrates Joab’s death. David’s family relationships and his rule disintegrate after this.

Jesus by contrast continuously steps aside from either claiming power or having it thrust upon him.  Greatness and humility have always been difficult to express consistently.             John Cox


Other nearby Uniting Churches

Katoomba – Sunday Worship   9.00am – Contact Ann Palmer 4782 1880

Blackheath – Sunday Worship 10.30am – Contact Bob Hendy 4787 7007

Hazelbrook – Sunday Worship 9.30am – Contact Marjorie Leggatt 4759 1228

Other Uniting Church Congregations

To view other  Congregations of the Uniting Church in Australia follow the link,
Find a Church

Current Activities

Links, in red, lead to pages with more details about the activity.

Day Retreats  An opportunity for renewal and refreshment of faith. The next Day Retreat will be announced soon.
Drawing and Painting Group     Postponed till further notice see Weekly timetable on the Services and Activities Page.
Leisure Learning – Sew & Chat    Postponed till further notice see Weekly timetable on the  Services and Activities Page.
Open Table  a sharing place to assist all members of the Mountains community.
Pilgrimages   we seek God, and spiritual refreshment, walking in the bush.  Starts from Leura Uniting Church at 8am.   next Pilgrimage will be announced in late April.
Playtime    10am-12noon on Mondays during school term.
Quiet Reflection a guided meditation and reflection on the readings for the week. The Quiet Reflection is on Thursdays at 11.30am.
Taizé Service  renewal through common prayer, singing, silence and personal meditation.  On the 3rd Sunday of the month.  The next Taizé Service will be on 21st February at 5pm.

Weekly Timetable of Activities of Leura Uniting Church
Activities of Leura Uniting Church

Morning Worship – 9.30am

Taize Services 3rd Sun. 5pm

Contact Carolyn 0413 993 368


Playtime – 10am-12noon during school term. Contact:Denise

4782 6556

Book Club3rd Monday 3pm Contact Delma 0407 140 837


Open Table- 10.30am – 12.30pm Katoomba Hall. Contact: Margaret 0247 031 761


Quiet Reflection 11.30am in Church

Contact: Louise 4782 2931

Thursday (continued)

Leura Singers 7.15-9pm Contact: John Cox

0408 993 007.

2nd Saturday of the Month
Leisure Learning Program

Flexible Walking   9 – 10 am     Ross Neville

Stitches & Yarns 10am – 12.30pm Pat Slinn

Beginner Sewers10am – 12.30pm Maria Teles

Art & About   1pm – 3.30pm Bev Plaizier

Ukelele Beginners’ Workshops and kit

For any of these programs contact

Bev Plaizier 4757 2580     0401 762 689

 Other Saturday Activities

Mt Solitary Pilgrimages: Dates to be announced:


Day Retreats:  Dates to be announced

Contact: Carolyn 0413 993 368

Hall Bookings

The hall of Leura Uniting Church is available for regular and occasional bookings.  Please contact Ross Neville on 024703175 or

Other nearby Uniting Churches

Katoomba – Sunday Worship   9.00am – Contact Ann Palmer 4782 1880

Blackheath – Sunday Worship 10.30am – Contact Bob Hendy 4787 7007

Hazelbrook – Sunday Worship 9.30am – Contact Marjorie Leggatt 4759 1228

Other Uniting Church Congregations

To view other  Congregations of the Uniting Church in Australia follow the link,
Find a Church


Attention ALL Leura Uniting Church Members!

Things  have changed!!


There is anew leadership team of 12, who will be Elders, forming the new Church Council. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected from within the new Church Council, after the Council has been formed. Six areas in leadership and administration have been identified, with two Elders responsible for reporting back to Church Council for their area:

WORSHIP                     Worship leaders, Worship Group, special & regular Services, Taizé, Thursday Services

PASTORAL CARE       Pastoral Elders, Congregation visitation, fellowship activities for congregational community building, cell groups, pastoral friends’ group

WIDER MISSION          Junction 142, Learning Support Centre, Open Table, Ritz Nursing Home Services, Evangelism, Bidwill, craft/sewing groups, new projects, development of spirituality at J142

CHILDREN & YOUTH   Messy Church, Playtime, SRE, P1, children in church

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION         spirituality and development, Bible Studies, Retreats, Christian education workshops, interfaith

FINANCE & PROPERTY           Administration, reporting to congregation and others as required, auditing, care and maintenance of property

PLEASE NOTE: Our present Elders, who have previously looked after the pastoral care of the congregation, will be known as Pastoral Elders and will be part of the second identified area of ‘Pastoral Care’. These Pastoral Elders may be also nominated as Elders of the Church Council.