Leura Uniting Church

Leura is located in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales,
100 kilometres west of Sydney.





Leura Uniting Church is located on the corner of Grose and Megalong Streets, Leura.

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 Our Congregation

Our congregation is chaired by the Reverend Dr William Emilsen. More details can be found by following the Our Community link.
We embrace diversity, and welcome all who seek to know more of God.

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Leura Uniting Church, in addition to this website of information and activity pages,  has a Facebook page.  The web address is https://www.facebook.com/LeuraUnitingChurch , or,  just search for Leura Uniting Church on Facebook.


What’s happening….

.                     August

Sat   25 Street Stall
Sun 26 Annual General Meeting after church
Tues 28 Waiting for Godot 7pm

.                        September

Sat   1  Retreat
Sat   8   Mt. Solitary Pilgrimage
Thur 27-30        Women’s Conference,  Brisbane


Note: Schedules of some Leura Activities for  2018 are at the bottom of the page.

Service Times and other Activities

Our regular service is on Sundays at 9.30 am. The first Sunday of every month is a Contemporary Service, the third is a Communion Service. We also have a children’s group, a youth group, a Taize service, a reflective service and various community support activities. Details of services may be found by following the Services and Activities link.

Following are links to dedicated pages for some of the Services and Activities

Day Retreats  An opportunity for renewal and refreshment of faith.
Open Hearth  a sharing place to assist all members of the Mountains community.
Pilgrimages   we seek God, and spiritual refreshment, walking in the bush.
Quiet Reflection a guided meditation and reflection on the readings for the week.
Reflection and Expression Retreats  are about creative movement, dance, improvisation and music . They are inspired by being ‘enlivened by the Spirit’.  In recess
Taizé Service  renewal through common prayer, singing, silence and personal meditation.


Reflections on this week’s Bible readings

from the Bulletin …
Pentecost 12              John 6:35,41-51         12 August,’18

The philosopher Alfred North Whitehead once remarked, somewhat facetiously, that modern philosophy has been a series of footnotes to Plato. I am not about to make such a claim for the book of Ecclesiastes. However I will say that many of the themes of Ecclesiastes have appeared in the great literature of the world since the time that Qoheleth wrote Ecclesiastes, probably in the third century B.C.

Included in my list of such literature is the iconic play, Waiting for Godot, by the Nobel Prize winning Irish author, Samuel Beckett. Waiting for Godot is a prescribed text in the senior school curriculum.

As part of what I intend to be an ongoing program of films and discussion, Waiting for Godot, will be screened in the church on Tuesday 28th August at 7pm. This will be followed by a discussion of play on Tuesday 4 September at 7pm.

As a part of the outreach of Leura Uniting, an invitation is extended to interested senior school students from the local high schools (and their parents if they wish) to participate in this event. If you know of local students who may be interested, please make them aware of the above.

Mel Macarthur


Quiet reflection,  … I am the bread of life


In Christ’s Body we all have enough because we are always feeding one another at all levels of our being as we build each other up in love. Sounds like life to me.

Andrew Marr



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Pilgrimages to Mount Solitary
(for more details follow the Pilgrimage link)

We start from Leura Uniting Church at 8 am.

Taizé Service, 5 – 6 pm, for further details follow the Taizé link

NB. Taizé Service is on the third Sunday in the month.

Day Retreats, for further details follow the Day Retreat link